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Finding Margo - Susanne O'Leary I picked this up after laughing at a blogpost written by the author. Since she entertained me there, it seemed a good bet that she'd entertain me in her novel too. It was a good call. I rarely read romance, mainly because it seems to be necessary to the plot to have the woman behave in a way that would make me want to holler at her "NO NO NO! You're doing it AGAIN!" Still, I was determined just to enjoy a fun read (all my friends tell me romance novels are a great escape,) and this story delivered on that pretty well. Maybe I'm just too practical to enjoy the machinations of a romance novel though. The story opens with Margo making her escape from her verbally abusive husband. Go Margo! The portrayal of how she ended up with the jerk was pretty realistic - a young, naive girl, flattered into an infatuation... it's a common setup, and well chosen because it happens so often in real life too.But I guess on the rare occasion that I read a romance novel, I want the heroine to figure it out, even if in real life, women like this frequently do not, and end up dating the same kind of man, wash-rinse-repeat.*Spoiler warning, don't click the spoiler if you don't want to know my objections to the ending. Seriously*I was quite irritated that the resolution had her falling in love and getting together with another verbally abusive man. A smile and an oopsy does not make that man NOT verbally abusive, it just makes him quicker to go into the apology cycle. The ending that would have made me happy? "Sorry buddy, you used up your one chance to call me stupid. Sayonara!"There were a couple of odd, dangling plotlines too: the storyline with the almost perfect brother Francios just seemed a bit non-sequitor, and Fiona popping in and out - it would have been nice to have a little more development of her character before dropping her little bomblet, it would have felt a little less too-convenient.See? This is exactly what I said I wasn't going to do when reading a romance novel - analyse the storyline. I suppose I'll have to spend a little more time practicing reading these novels like watching sitcoms.