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The Tomb (Repairman Jack Novels) - F. Paul Wilson A few weeks ago, I was wishing for another pulpy guilty-pleasure series to read; I'm jonesing a bit, since it will be at least 4 more months until the next Dresden fix, heh. One of my IRL friends - the same pusher that hooked me on Dresden - has been trying to get me lit on Repairman Jack. I caved in a moment of weakness.But... It's pretty damn good! I saw "series," and assumed "ditch." I forgot that Wilson was already well-established by the time he wrote The Tomb, and that the rest of the series was written in response to the success of this novel. And it is pretty damn good. I said that already, I know. I'm just a bit surprised. Jack is an interesting character, his moral compass points in a slightly different direction than most people, but his version of True North is consistent for him. He leads a shadowy life, but believable. If he doesn't use his SS# he doesn't magically get different rules than the rest of Americans, it complicates his life. He has to exercise to stay in shape, that was a nice touch. Damn book cliffhangers though. If I had read this when it came out, I would have been pissed. I hate cliffhangers. Also, I hate pulp series that aren't totally available for my ereader. I had to make an unscheduled run to Powell's for my next 5ยข.