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The Magicians - Lev Grossman I really want to review this book in some meaningful way, I want to talk about first world problems (which is a new reddit subforum btw, go read if you want to pee your pants laughing.) Sadly, this book was not PYP funny, or good, or sad, or wistful, or anything that really made it worth reading. The story follows a group of self-absorbed, dissatisfied, over-privileged and immature rich kids, welded together in a little clique of happenstance. They repeatedly fall in and out of events, never changing, never learning, always superficial, never happy. And the worst part is, not only is the book about self-absorbed and superficial characters, but the writing itself is self-absorbed and superficial. It had recurring glimpses of creativity that kept giving me false hope that it would make the leap to originality, surrounded by wide swaths of spiraling mediocrity. I read the whole thing (as I usually do, damn book-finishing OCD,) in a desperate hope that Grossman would pull it out at the last moment, with some sort of brilliant and meaningful ending. It never happened, and it pissed me off that it could have been so good, and instead it was just flat and depressing and uninteresting. I guess it's impossible for me personally to write a meaningful review about something so utterly devoid of meaning. I never learn. One of these days, I'll be reading a piece of crap like this, stop and think: "This is a piece of crap," put the book down and NEVER PICK IT UP AGAIN.Someday.addendum: and I'm not at all surprised to find out that Grossman has written his own sock-puppet reviews in the past, when people thought his stuff was craptastic.