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The Light Fantastic - Terry Pratchett I'm a latecomer to the Discworld, having just discovered it a couple of years ago. Whenever I need a good laugh-out-loud escapist novel, I know Sir Terry can deliver. I started with the Tiffany Aching series*, and have managed to read 7-8 of the little Discworld suckers** so far, and enjoyed every one of them immensely, including this one.****Actually, and just so I don't bring the wrath of the ghost of Olaf Quimby II down on me, I discovered Pratchett via Good Omens many years ago, but at the time ascribed the writing style to Mr. Gaiman, which was good because I then went on to devour everything Gaiman ever wrote****, including Sandman*****, which was a major find, but didn't pick up a Discworld novel****** until a number of years later when a friend badgered me into reading Wee Free Men, which was delightful. **not to say that they suck, although perhaps some of the creatures contained within could be accused of sucking, but only as a function of how they kill... or eat... or, um... suck...*** “immense” being measured partially by how often I'm compelled to read sections aloud to my longsuffering******* husband, then waiting for him to laugh.****well, not technically, since I am sure there are many things he has written, which I haven't discovered yet.*****and to be specific, I mean that I've read almost all of Sandman, but have yet to complete the Absolute Vol. 4********, mainly because it's so freaking heavy I have to sit in my special chair to read it, and my special chair is currently being used as a prop for photographing dogs, and it's very difficult to read by strobe. ******although technically, I suppose one would put Good Omens in the Discworld... er... world, so I guess one would say I HAD read a Discworld novel before Wee Free Men.*******He is either “longsuffering,” or else he has gotten very good at listening for me to take a breath, then responding with “hmmm,” or “hahaha,” whichever is most appropriate. ********I also have yet to read Absolute Death*********, not because it's so heavy, (it is considerably lighter,) but because I haven't yet purchased it.*********I have, however, read Death: The High Cost of Living, although not Death: The Time of Your Life. I have also read Black Orchid, but that's not really a Sandman story**********, so I'm not sure how it's relevant here. **********And, since this DID start out as a Discworld review, I'm afraid that not much of this is relevant, except in the way that they are all books. That I have read. Mostly.