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Ghost Story - Jim Butcher Reading Ghost Story was a torment because there were so many things I had to do, like work, and spend time with people, and sleep... It took me four days to finish it, FOUR! But oh, how I loved very last minute. I've gone from reading what I thought was mediocre writing that was salvaged by a great hook, to really loving the characters, the world, and yes, even the writing. With each installment in this series, I think not only have characterizations gotten stronger, but the storyline has gotten progressively more compelling.In the beginning, I referred to these books as the literary equivalent of crack, but at this point, I recommend them on their own merits. Oh Harry, how I love thee.With apologies to my friends who are still reading this or other books of The Dresden Files, there may be spoilers. If you haven't read Changes, don't read this. SPOILERSThe previous books have been following a plot development of increasing might, unaccompanied by a corresponding restraint. As Harry gets stronger, he also begins to embrace the "any means necessary" way of getting things done. If he can burn it or blow it up, something (or someone) is getting blasted. His apprentice, Molly, he views as a child. Her magic, of a more subtle sort than his, is strong, but there's an underlying suggestion that he sees it as weaker than his flame and sledgehammer type. Harry has become incredibly powerful, and commensurately arrogant. Somebody was bound to take him out, it was just a matter of time, it had to happen. Butcher tells us there are at least 20 books planned for the series. So really, we all knew Harry was coming back, one way or another.In this round, with a little help, he comes back to save his friends, and find his murderer. As the title suggests, he comes back as a ghost. Without a physical body, he can no longer muscle and scorch his way through the Big Bad. And because he can't use his old tricks and fallback methods, he has to really look at the consequences of everything he has done, leading up to the big events of Changes. He has to see the reality of the damage his actions have done to people he loves, especially Molly (who plays a large part in this story,) and Murphy. I believe that we'll see a changed Harry in the next book, still arrogant, still an outlier, but maybe less brash. I think it's a fantastic twist, and was well done. In view of the reveal in the last few pages, we'll still get conflict to satisfy even the most fighty and bitey fans.Ghost Story was the best one yet. Lots of snark, more appearances by secondary characters like Morty the Necromancer, Butters the Medical Examiner, and most especially Bob the Skull. And bonus, far less recapping of previous story lines, which is great, because anyone who is reading along at this stage of the series is probably enough of a fan to not want to waste pages on recap.I loved this one so much, and now I'll join the legion of Dresden fans who are impatiently waiting for More Story, Please.