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Ringworld - Larry Niven I've meant to read Ringworld for years. After all, it's a defining piece of Sci-fi, that influenced many other works. No discussion of serious space-travel sci-fi is complete without a reference to dyson spheres and the Ringworld. Perhaps my expectations were set too high by its iconic status. I liked the book, although having just read Neutron Star, I was disappointed that Beowulf Shaeffer was not one of the main characters. I was disappointed that there was very little character development at all. There was very little world development, or space travel description... there was a LOT of description of flying over bare land. A tremendous amount of the story was spent on Louis Wu talking about how shallow Teela was, how undeveloped, how nothing ever happened to her. Okay, enough already, we get it - you've nailed the "women are useless except to keep the men from raping the natives" meme, no pun intended. It would have been nice to see at least a little of that time spent on other characterizations, or at the very least, a wee bit less blatant sexism. Turns out Speaker was the most interesting character, and yet he seems to have been intended as a side part - the "muscle" of the expedition. And yet, he ended up being more rounded and insightful than the others. I'm glad I read it, primarily because my experience of other works of fiction will likely be enhanced by being familiar with the Ringworld, but I've read far better, even (or especially,) from Niven himself. Although I'm left wondering if the "Niven" works I've appreciated were really more heavily influenced by his co-writers.