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Her Smoke Rose Up Forever
James Tiptree Jr.
Sarah Waters
Roadside Picnic
Arkady Strugatsky, Boris Strugatsky, Olena Bormashenko, Ursula K. Le Guin
Seneca Falls and the Origins of the Women's Rights Movement (Pivotal Moments in American History)
Sally McMillen
London Falling
Paul Cornell
Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell
Susanna Clarke
Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth
Reza Aslan
The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane - Bagram Ibatoulline, Kate DiCamillo I liked this one, but didn't love it like The Magician's Elephant. The idea is interesting, but Edward just isn't a very compelling character. Yes, he's a china rabbit, and it's kind of the point that he's a very one-dimensional sort of first-class not-a-toy, and there's this whole story of him learning to not be so self-absorbed and learning to love, but...I'm not sure exactly why I didn't bond with the story. I adore DiCamillo's style. Every page is like a fairy tale. The writing flows beautifully, and I love the character sketches, the old fisherman and his wife were wonderful, as brief as their appearance was. But something about this story just felt kind of preachy. Maybe I would have liked it better had Edward come across as more curmudgeonly and less superior. Still, I'm now officially a fan of these stories, and have been scouring the library for more of these children's gems.